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About Production


Bill Knight, an assembler at General Electric’s plant in Grove City, Pennsylvania, demonstrates how to torque a bolt on the flex plate of a 15-ton locomotive engine. Instead of lifting a heavy tool, weighing 25 to 40 pounds, like he used to do, he almost effortlessly guides a robotic tool. Once the tool is in place he uses a single finger to activate it, and it torques the bolt perfectly. Then it tells Knight where to place the machine next. “How many bolts do you have, Bill?” GE’s plant manager, Jeff Smith, asked Knight during a press tour in March. “Sixteen times,” Smith repeated, before using the metric to illustrate how much wear and tear the job would cause if done with a heavy tool rather than a robot. “Think of the repetitive motion injury in the shoulders, the back. The other thing is pinch points. You could get your fingers in there and have a potential fracture or amputation.” Knight stopped manually tightening bolts on engines five years ago when GE introduced the robotic tool to the then-brand new Grove City plant, where it sends locomotive engines to be rebuilt and repaired.

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